Thursday, September 23, 2010

So in Love: Eco Styler Gel

I  am not into purchasing then experimenting with pricey hair products, so Eco Styler gel was right up my alley at 8ozs for 99cents. The beauty supply had three different holds, so of course I got all of them. Not one of them has let me down yet.
The pink medium hold I love for my dry braid and twist outs. I alternate between the pink styler and  pure aloe vera gel. Crystal maximum hold gel, I use for wet sets and slicking my hair down. Eco styler's extra maximum hold brown gel is awesome for my edges and my super curly nape hair. The lovely ladies on my Houston Naturals facebook page told me about Eco Styler w/ Olive Oil too! I will definitely be seeking that out on my next visit to the beauty supply.
What are your favorite stylers or gels? Have you tried Eco Styler Gel?


  1. Yes... I live by this stuff. I primary use the Max Hold which is the picture posted but also have a small tude of the pink medium hold. I only use the pink on an as needed basis while on the go. I can slick my hair down, do coils, rollersets and braidouts with the max hold product without it making my hair hard. The Eco Syler with Olive Oil is just as great; purchased that for my little sister. Love Love it and yes it's worth the price!

  2. I can't wait to try the Olive Oil Eco Styler.