Monday, August 16, 2010

Beer Rinsing

After reading about beer rinsing on I was all in. So today I drove to the corner gas station and purchased a 8oz can of Budweiser and a twix. Not being a beer drinker this was no simple task for me. It took all that was in me not to explain to the cashier I was using the beer for my hair and NOT an end of day unwind. In my head, the twix kinda clued him in, as opposed to say a carton of cools, cause that’s what I’d get if I was gonna drink beer out a bag, Right? Crazy I Know.

All that being said, the beer rinse was EVERYTHING!!!! I applyed clarifying shampoo to my dry scalp and conditioner washed it out as usual. I then poured the flat beer into my hair, which I’d sectioned off six ways, and let it sit for two minutes then rinsed. Omg, my hair was so soft and shiny, and detangling was a breeze. What’s best was very minimal shedding!!!! No wait what’s best was the curl definition!!! I applied my Pantene Relaxed and Naturals Moisture Mask after the beer because I’d read sometimes the hair may feel sort of dry after, although that was not the case for me. Needless to say, BEER will absolutely be added to my hair regimen.

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