Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick and Easy Bun

This is my first YouTube tutorial demonstrating a quick and easy donut bun. The video is a little longer than I'd like, because I don't know how to edit yet, but hopefully you'll find it helpful. As I mentioned before this style works so well because it's simple and BONUS doubles as an awesome protective style. 

Pictured below is my finished bun after it's been tied down for a few hours.

Finished Bun
 Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to subscribe to my channel HoustonNaturals on YouTube!


  1. This is very good! Thanks for doing the tutorial. I'm always afraid to rewet my hair because I don't want to gel the sides, but just some plain old moisturizer will do! Thanks again!

  2. Oh Wow, I love This!!! This would be perfect for me.. where did you get your doughnut?

    BTW, I am in Houston too!! Enjoying the weather??

    Great Video Ms. Tracy!

  3. You are right 100% @Kandeezie Moisturizer is just as effective especically if you tie your hair down with a scarf. Thanks so much for commenting!

    @MicaiahTy I got my doughnut at Sallys, but if they don't have the mesh kind, the foam should be just as effective.Oh, and I have been loving this weather. My allergies, not so much... Lol!
    Thanks so mush for your feedback!

    I have some cool stuff in the works for Houston Naturals so keep checking in! :)

    Oh, and P.S. Sorry for the singing y'all, Lol!

  4. Ok I see where I went wrong. 1st the donut I bought was too small since my hair is longer I needed a bigger one and 2nd I didn't use a goodie elastic once I put the donut on. I'll revist this weekend.